We love WordPress at Cape May Creative, but recently we've started using other technologies to develop our client's websites. Our main reason: speed (or lack thereof)! Thankfully, Google has shown some love to our favorite CMS platform at December's WordCamp Conference, declaring their commitment to speeding up and optimizing the web's #1 publishing platform.

The Need for Speed

Website performance has long been a ranking factor for desktops, and Google has recently (Jan, 2018) made it a ranking factor for mobile devices as well. Stating that WordPress is "one of the key drivers and enablers of an open, thriving, and rich open web ecosystem", Google expressed its desire to help "improve performance, security, and capabilities" of the millions of websites that WordPress powers.

Putting Your Money Where Your Mouth Is

In his personal blog, Alberto Medina, Developer Advocate in the Content Ecosystems Team at Google, stated that Google is hiring WordPress experts to on building progressive themes, expanding the WordPress AMP plugin, and to develop tools to track WordPress performance, among other things. That's great news to design agencies such as ours, as a WordPress-driven website means we saved considerable time in the development process.

In another article, Medina goes on talks about Google's WordCamp presence, why they chose to align with WordPress, and Google's vision for WordPress in the future.


We can't wait to see the improvements and tools that comes out of Google's commitment to WordPress. In the meantime, we'll continue to use WordPress as one of our many tools for creating high-quality, SEO-optimized websites.