Listed below are some of the latest Wordpress/WooCommerce plugins I've been working on for my clients. All the plugins work, but they're not really set up for public consumption.

I'm considering turning these into full-fledged WP plugins and charging a small fee (like $50, maybe) for each plugin.

If you see something you like, pop me an email to nudge me to work on it.

Curated Sort

Curated sort allows you to manually sort your products within each WooCommerce product category. In this way the end user can have a very nice guided view of your products.

Simple Product Color Swatches

The plugin will allow you to connect WooCommerce simple products together by color. When displayed on the product listing page, a color swatch is displayed along with the product that, when clicked, dynamically changes the product to match the color.

Store Catalog

Create a PDF catalog of your store. Great for printing.

Pinterest / Instagram Catalog

Creates uploadable CSV catalogs for your Pinterest or Instagram store.