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Just Another Pretty Face?

Anyone can design a website that's cute. We design websites that work. Call or email us today to get started:

  • Selling more of your products and services.
  • Generating leads.
  • Establishing your brand.

Dedicated to Your Success

Your website is a valuable investment. Done correctly, it will provide your business with increased income and a better brand recognition. But the competition is tough. Therefore, you need a company that will continue to nurture your website and your brand consistently. Many web design companies are "one and done", meaning they design your site and disappear from your radar – a guaranteed way to waste money and get no results. You need a design firm dedicated to seeing you succeed, not just building a pretty website. At Cape May Creative we've found success by dedicating ourselves to the success of our clients.


Size Matters – But Not Like You Think!

Cape May Creative is a small design firm, located in Cape May County, NJ. Why does size matter? Try dealing with some of the larger web design agencies and you'll soon feel like a little cog in a big wheel. Not so with us! When working with Cape May Creative, you'll see the faces behind the work. Conversely, we value every client and strive see the person or people behind the company. Our promise to you: your best interests are our best interests!


Depth of Skill

Cape May Creative enlists SEO experts, web designers, programmers, illustrators and copy writers. In this way we can choose the right person for each task, and the end result really reflects it! Take a look at South Jersey Estate Liquidators, for instance. All the copy (text) was created by a professional copywriter of over 30 years, a web designer of over 20 years, a programmer of over 20 years, and a professional illustrator (logo) of 10+ years experience.


Help, Don't Sell

One of Cape May Creative's core principles is "Help, don't sell." We believe that above all else, helping people is the key to success in business (and in life). Therefore, you'll find we have a zero-pressure sales approach based on helping over selling. Our goal is to help our potential clients find success, whether by partnering with us or by other resources.