Make the Most of your Wordpress Website

Cape May Creative offers Wordpress curated hosting. Unlike many hosting providers, we manage and care for your website -- everything from setting up and maintaining Google Analytics to performing design and content updates to implementing security and other software updates. Leave your website to our experts so you can concentrate on what's important -- your business! Contact us to learn more: 609-849-8299 or [email protected].


Wordpress Curated Hosting

Wordpress is the #1 publishing platform on the web today. And while many design agencies can create a simple Wordpress site, only a few can create the custom plugins, themes, and gutenberg blocks required to make a WP site really stand out.

Cape May Creative does all this, then sticks around. We'll update your site as necessary, plus perform security and optimization updates. We let you do what you do best – run your business.

Wordpress Plugins

Although we've created a couple dozen Wordpress plugins to date, we haven't taken the time to submit these to the Wordpress store, or clean them up for public use. Well, we are starting that project now.

CMC Webp Images

The first of our plugins to go public, CMC Webp Images allows for automatic creation and delivery of webp images, today's defacto image standard. Save on bandwidth, speed up your site, increase SEO scores, make money, go on vacation.

Check it out.